Tats and Hands

Tats and Hands

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm horrible at this :)

Yeah I know, I complete suck at updating my blog. In fact its been just over a year since I've even really thought about it. Depressing!

Turning over a new leaf though I'm going to try and be really a lot better about updating this, as it is another means for family to keep up on the latest involving my little family unit :)

Logan has turned 4, amazing how quickly the time flies and man did it fly by! Such a smart amazing boy that I have been blessed with though it's not all butterflies and rainbows all the time, he's a little spitfire when he wants to be but he's a loving soul through and through. It's a blessing because some days I want to lock him and his attitude in their room.

Started a new job back in the end of Feburary at a local garden nursery center called "Sun River Gardens", I finally snapped at "Harmons" and almost went 'postal' on everybody ;) but I am much happier at my new job and my new 'title' of Inventory & Receiving Agent. Oh it sounds so cool, don't hate ;)

Anyways long story short, I'm still as much of a dork as ever and have come back to make people suffer my dorky awesomeness.

You have been warned :)

p.s I hate my mouse it drives me bonkers

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