Tats and Hands

Tats and Hands

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOLO'S 3!!!

Wow, I can't believe 3 years have past since I gave birth to my oldest little angel. While his birthday was on April 17 I have been a bit busy and was not able to post. :)

Life is still going on amazing well. Work has been busy, and I am actually starting work in the Bakery Department tomorrow and will be work there 0-16 hours as well as the Front End 16-31 hours. It makes me happy and extremely excited to work in the bakery. It's something that I have wanted to do for quite awhile now, and it's a good thing that I am starting it. More money for me!

The boys are healthy and happy, the daycare we found is simply amazing and the boys are making so many friends! :)

Well it's late and I am extremely tired...will post again soon :) Peace out home fries! LOL

Friday, March 26, 2010

Late Update :)

It's been quite awhile since I have posted but life will get in the way and I am not able to post everyday, lol.

As I am typing Liam is lying down for a nap and Logan is watching Jungle Junction. Life is going. The boys are ever growing. And with the weather becoming warmer and warmer by the day (YAY!) more cuts, bruises, dings and dents are popping up on the boys and myself as we are usually outside for a few hours everyday (weather permitting). Today is a bit windy and the clouds are low enough that the mountains are covered so today probably will be a mostly inside day.

Thursday night was the last day of a class that I was taking called "Floortime" that helped parents interact with their children "better", more on the child's level, hence the name, and its was amazing the difference I have noticed since I started the 4 lessons long class, to now. Logan is better about listening to me and I to him. He interacts better with other children since I am better about communicating in a way that he understands. And is more gentle with Sara (our dog) and with Liam as well.

Also I am happy to say that after 2 years of working at my job and asking them (nearly every time I was at work) to increase my hours, they finally have. I was at 0-16 hours a week and have now been bumped up to 16-31 hours a week, so both of the boys will be starting daycare next week. And we have found a wonderful family that runs a daycare out of home and they are so amazing! I am so lucky to have found them as quickly as I did. :)

Still no real dating, have been hanging out with a few guys in a large group with my friends and have been talking to one guy quite a bit lately, and enjoy his company. He makes me smile alot and doesn't judge me for the fact that I have tattoos (got a new one on my right shoulder blade) and that is against our religion (both of us are LDS though not as active).

I will try to be better and update sooner then I have this last time. So until then my friends, my love to you all. :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Herion?

I have a strange and intense passion for photography, I love taking picture, and viewing others pieces of work. Up until about a week before christmas I wasn't really able to take as good as pictures as I would have liked because I only had a weak Digital camera, so for my present this year my mother bought me a DSL Nikon D5000 (so pretty!) and I have been able to start back up into the old passion of mine.

I have been a little out of practice but this past Sunday when Mike took the boys all day (the first time since he's moved back to Utah) I took the day to basically drive all over Utah county and take pictures (1/2 a tank of gas gone :'( ...) of whatever my little trigger finger felt like.... and within the period of 5 hours I filled up a 2GB SD card....near 750 pictures. So going though all of them has been a tad bit of a hassel, but I was able to get at least one of the 3 massive picture(s) edited and it looks so cool... though it won't show up as well as I would like on this blog I will still load it....

Another one has inspired me to do a collection of photos that I have decided to call the "WALL-E Collection" basically just artistic pictures of pieces of trash yeah weird i know but the picture that i took that inspired me to do that turned out so well... i know that sounds cocky but just look for your self...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine = Pure Joy

This Christmas was a sad/happy one in the least... sad in the factor that it was the first year that Lolo and Liam spent it without a TRUE father figure in their life, yeah Michael was there but there truly was no interaction coming from him to the boys (in my opinion), I expected it to be a hard one on the boys so my mom and myself spoiled the the snot out of the two of them this year...though it might sooner or later turn out to be a bad thing lol oh well it brings smiles to their faces every time I bust out the THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE BOX....Lolo squeals with delight and Liam laughs at his brother.

It takes quite a bit of talent/time to set up the tracks but it gives me peace and quiet while they play for easily an hour....the thing is massive though and if we don't clean up the tracks before bed time, there are usually a few curses coming from my mouth and my mom's as we step on them during the middle of the night. There is one train this year especially that my aunt Barbara wanted to get Lolo (her youngest went though a Thomas stage and she still has all of his, lol) it is a battery powered train that you just hit the button on the top and it just circles the track over and over.

Lolo and this train go EVERYWHERE together, he will set it up against the wall on one end of the hall, hit the button and run down to the other end and hide around the corner, every once awhile peeking his head around the corner and screaming with terror/delight that its "going to get him". He's even tried to bring it in the bath with him because "Dirty! Dirty! Splash! Splash!" he so concernedly tells me, he's also been known to try and fed it some of his food (he's also done this with his other favorite toy, a T-Rex, but that's another story) because the train was hungry or so he says. It may seem silly to some people/parents but I allow him these little delights (expect for the tub, lol) because he's only a kid once, and if it doesn't put a risk to his health, body, or mind then I say why not....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Go Green" Bags

I would have to say one of the coolest fads out there right now is the "Go Green" Bags. They come in all shapes and colors, you help out the earth and do your part to keep it clean now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using plastic, I am just sick of seeing them around my house unless their lining the trash cans in my bathrooms (which it seems that even the "bathroom trashbags" don't fit)...back to my point, these wonderful inventions have brought even more light into my life tonight, here is the story.

Logan being the pill he is grabbed one right out of my hands and stuck it over his head and him even being as tall as he is it went to his hips (this kid is at least 3 feet tall at 3 years old it kills me, lol) giggling I told him to go show Grandma, I figured he would just take the bag off run down the hall and put it back on because thats what he's done before...NO he runs down the hall with the bag on his head at near full speed and runs right SMACK into the door frame of his room....LMAO! I had to hold it in not to laugh because he was crying a little bit...is it wrong that I laughed?? LOL

Thank you Harmon's Grocery For these wonderful inventions that save the earth and cause little kids to run into doorways!!! :)


All I can think right now is "crap I am following a trend, curse you Carlie!"...Lol I guess in all reality it's an easier way to get my thoughts out and a good way to inform my family of whats going on in my life lol, so I guess what I really should be thinking is "Thank you Carlie".

As I am starting up my blog I am watching Logan (aka Lolo or The Curtain Climber) run around his brother Liam(aka The Linoleum Lizard), who is lying on his back on the floor because he hasn't quite mastered crawling yet, while pushing his huge yellow Tonka truck that my mother got him for Christmas.

Keeping the peace between them is a full time job but it doesn't actually happen that often where I need to "step in" and break it up, they love each other which is nice and it frees up SOME time for me (hence me starting a blog, lol).

So let me fill everyone in on who I am for the blog stalkers out there... My name is Tiffany, my current last name is Clarke, but my maiden name was LeMair. My soon to be ex-husband and I split while I was pregnant with our second son. Almost everyone I tell that too says "oh I am so sorry" but before you start into that train of thought let me tell you, it was a good thing.

I married Michael when I was 18 and he had just gotten out of his basic training through the marines. We started dating in high school when I was 16 and know each other for about a year before we started dating...anyways back to the story, I got pregnant with Lolo in about august, I was 19 when Logan was born but turned 20 a week later. I thought that everything was great, I mean we had our problems but doesn't everyone? I should have known that 3000 text to one girl in the span of 2 months was not normal...that was just the first of many problems that we had but the final one that ended it in my mind was when he knocked up another girl when I was about 3 months pregnant with Liam...yeah it pissed me off when I found out.

To some up I am a 22 year old (turning 23 in may) single mom, raising two sons age 2 (turning 3 in may) and 7 months (turning 1 in June)...living with my mother and grandfather. I love my sons, my family and my close friends. They have all helped me out more often then I can count, and I love them for it.